Sensuality and sexual fulfilment play a significant role in my life, exploring another body is no less than bliss for me. Erotic degustation of the body, mind and soul, a smorgasboard of intimate delights and passion. Please let me indulge your fantasies, desires and intimate secrets. 


Being an avid reader I love to be taken away by the French, Russian and German classics but also appreciate  auto- / or biographies by / about extraordinary people from all walks of life. Some of my favourite authors are Max Frisch, Émile Zola, Cormac McCarthy, Bertolt Brecht, Arthur Schnitzler. 

Poetry is best enjoyed - like every written word - in its original language. Particularly the expressionistic work by like Else Lasker-Schüler, Hannah Höch, Gottfried Benn, Georg Trakl  fascinate me but also Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Rainer Maria Rilke or the wonderful Russian poet Anna Achmatova. 

Growing up in the culturally diverse Europe has made it so easy for me to fall in love with the arts and therefore I enjoy to see exhibitions of all sorts and calibre. Theatre and opera are close to my heart as is going to concerts - preferably classical music - but I most definitely rock out to any genre performed well - blues, soul, ska, ska punk, punk rock to name a few I particularly enjoy.

Paying a close eye on European politics and also having a knack for history, interests which were ignited by my grandma
- who was politically very active and an historian - as well as being an influence in my every day life as a child and teenager. My enthusiasm became more profound and deepened by completing two master degrees in these fields of study.

CrossFit is a passion of mine and I habour the dream of spectating at the CrossFit Games in the US in the future . I train myself at least 5 times a week if my work schedule allows and am completing a coaching program. Football ( soccer ) is my favourite childhood sport - keeping up with the Bundesliga and other European leagues can be trying
at the other end of the world unfortunately. Another sport I adore watching is tennis, I'm a big fan specifically of the Australian Open and go every year.