Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Are your photos real?

Yes my photos are real.

They are edited for visual optimisation but not heavily photoshopped. My body is as pictured, an athletic size 8. Personally I do not believe in altering my appearance online, i.e. slimming, to appeal to a broader audience.

 I'm not for everybody and not everybody is for me.


2. Can I trust you with a deposit?

Yes you can.

I am an Australia-wide known, highly and 100% positively reviewed companion. My flawless reputation is  more important than any deposit paid. If I, against all odds, do have to cancel an encounter, I will refund you discreetly and immediately. 

Deposits paid either for one of my interstate visits or a date in Melbourne are non refundable if you cancel.

Deposits can be transferred easily and anonymously online.


3. Are you discreet?

Discretion is the very core of my business and will always be maintained, never compromised. I do expect the same from you.

My tattoos can be covered if you wish me to do so as well as I do not have to wear my extravagant specs. 


4. What will you wear for our date?

In public I always adapt to the occasion and dress appropriately. My preferred style is smart, feminine and sophisticated.  

One on one I will reveal pieces of my exquisite lingerie collection and more.


5. What can I expect from our time together?

An unforgettable and memorable time tailored to your preferences and wishes. Our encounter will be purely about you, your desires and fantasies - inside and outside the bedroom you will be my top priority. 


6. Communication prior to and after our encounter

The better you convey your expectations for our date, the better I will be able to meet them. 

Please keep our contact booking-related only. I am a sole operator, lead a busy personal life and do not have the liberty to converse outside of our time together. 

You will always be speaking directly to me, no third party is involved in the booking process. 

If you want to be contacted by me, please express your interest to be notified per text message or email when I am visiting your city - the pleasure is mine. Otherwise you will not be hearing from me unless you initiate further contact. 

A discreet way to keep updated is to follow me on my Twitter @LoveIdaBlume, you can find a link at the bottom of this page, or on Instagram under SphynxSugarSex .


7. Services

My services are listed under ‘Experience’. If you have a desire or fantasy not listed there feel free to ask.
Please note I do not provide BDSM, role play or a porn star experience.

Refrain from asking for illegal services i.e. natural full sex.


8. Sexual health

Sexual health is one of my main priorities. Regular testing and keeping up to date with STD / STI risks is an integral part of being a companion. Only services I am comfortable with and do not put you or me at a longterm risk are provided.


9. Can I see you free of charge socially?

This question is not only disrespectful towards my business but also towards the gentlemen who willingly pay  for my time. 

If you wish to spend more blissful moments in my company we can extend our time together if my schedule allows. Please be mindful of the time passing and depart - or let me excuse myself - timely. 


10. What happens with my information?

Absolutely nothing.

Your contact details, our conversations and everything else we do stays between the two of us - and please remember discretion goes both ways.


11. Screening

Depending on the situation the screening process involves references from other companions, a small deposit or other options. 

In every case I will need your phone number. 

If you refuse my screening procedures and therefore could possibly compromise my safety I will not see you. 


12. Why haven't I heard back from you?

If I haven't answered your email or text message it might have gotten lost in my spam folder or I have overlooked it unfortunately. In this case I apologise, please do resend your enquiry.

Another reason might be the way you addressed me or worded the initial contact. I do not reply to crass or crude language, nor to an unfriendly or disrespectful approach. 


13. Multiple day encounters and patronage

Only trusted clients are eligible.