'Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.'




Ida Blume


Nordic and noble by nature - German lioness with Scandinavian heritage.

Beautifully presented with attention to detail,  an open mind and heart, my attention is purely focused on you and our time together. 

As your sophisticated companion for events, dinners or a visit to one of Melbourne's many cultural offerings and enticing culinary scene, I am delighted to be your private guide for a VIP experience. 

The famous European savoir faire allows my effortless elegance, allure and sensuality to shine every step of the way we take together. 

Let me be your very own sultry seductress.


                                                                                                                             Much love,





Standing at 5'4 / 164cm without heels I am definitely on the shorter side. While my body is an Australian size 8, please note I am neither skinny nor petite but athletic, slim, fit - I live a clean and healthy lifestyle. 

My hair is naturally nordic blonde, on my body it is fine and fair just like my skin. Some freckles grace my face during the summer months giving me a girlish flair. Even though I am in my early 30ties, my looks deceive and place me rather in the mid to late 20ties. 

My eyes are as blue as they can be, they will tie your attention immediately. Despite not being a classical beauty, my facial features are strikingly alluring and exquisite, my smile compelling and my laughter arresting. Laughing and smiling comes easy to me due to my forever positive and happy go lucky personality. 

My soft and supple skin is covered in my personal history. Many artistic and colourful tattoos tell my story, my collection of  refined body art will continue to grow with significant experiences or people entering my life. 

I have had no plastic surgery so far, my body and face are completely natural. Even though physical perfection plays a big part in the world of escorting, I am trying to embrace my imperfections as I know to be more than my visible shell and attributes. My spirit and mind define me more than anything.